VitaDophilus® supplement supplies a minimum of 20 million live culture bacteria to the body. This beneficial bacteria embeds itself in the walls of the intestines.* Delicious apples form the base of VitaDophilus® powder.

Naturally occurring lactobacillus acidophilus in the digestive tract helps break down food, so the body can efficiently absorb the nutrients.* The presence of this beneficial bacteria in the digestive system can help displace or decrease non-beneficial micro-organisms, some of which can lead to fermentation, thereby causing bloating and gas, or rob the body of necessary nutrients.* VitaDophilus® helps the body maintain proper digestion.

To learn more about the benefits of VitaDophilus® and maintaining a healthy yeast balance read our related blog: Cravin’ Bacon? Here’s Why.

10 Packs (0.10 oz./3 g each bag)

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