Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Is it Right for You?

Is TCM Right for You?

Herbs have been the healing modality in China for more than 5,000 years; the medicine of choice of Kings, Emperors, Shamans, and every day people. This vast proving ground has given us the most effective herbs and formulas available.

The Sunrider® products continue the trend of using the traditional herbal base of foods used for thousands of years with updated modern scientific know-how. These improved formulas adapt the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style of combining herbs in a synergistic, and often complex, compound to best provide relief from the common health problems of today.

Thirty Years of Experience

For over 30 years, Sunrider has advanced the use of plants to nourish and cleanse the body offering a wide range of beneficial products. These include herbal foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, weight-management and active-lifestyle products, skin care and cosmetics, personal-care products, and household products.

Philosophy of Regeneration

The Sunrider formulas use science-based technology to ensure that all the herbal ingredients are synergistic with each other to have the highest powerful healing effect on the user. The Philosophy of Regeneration is the blueprint for each Sunrider product. Combining several herbs that have similar healing properties with herbal and mineral ingredients that support the glands and organ systems can result in a superior healing effect not found in individual herbs.  We believe that herbal formulas can not only replace over-the-counter (OTC) medications in current use, but also can restore health through regeneration. Whereas, many OTC remedies in use in North America only address the problem that is evident at the surface of the symptoms, the Sunrider foods encourage the body and mind to effect a deep and long-lasting healing throughout the body and mind, this is true regeneration.

Four Principles of Regeneration

Principle 1: Nourish + Cleanse leads to Balance

The Sunrider food products balance the five systems of the body:  Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, and Defense.

Principle 2: Foods Not Chemicals

The Philosophy of Regeneration states that the body is designed to recognize food as nourishment, not chemicals. Eating too many chemicals, such as protein powders and multivitamin pills, can actually cause your body to become unbalanced and malnourished.

Principle 3: Variety of Products and Ingredients

No single ingredient can do everything, our bodies require a variety of foods and nutrients to maintain optimal health.

Principle 4: Expertise in Formulation and Concentration

Sunrider’s owners are experts in the fields of health and science. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is a world-renowned herbalist with a degree in pharmacy. His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, is a medical doctor. They work with their sons, Dr. Reuben Chen, also a medical doctor, and Eric Chen, an organic chemist, to oversee the research, development, and manufacturing of every Sunrider product.


One of Sunrider’s strongest selling points is self-manufacturing. While many companies outsource the manufacturing and production of their products, and undoubtedly lose control and oversight, Sunrider prides itself on ensuring that high quality-control standards and stringent protocol are met or exceeded. This, in turn, creates exceptionally crafted products and very happy customers.

Phil Bartel

Phil Bartel was an ordinary man with an active lifestyle, gallbladder and prostate problems, obesity, and the beginnings of a heart problem. He was cold all the time and every time he bumped his arms or hands he bled. His digestion was causing terrible bloating and horrible gas. He didn’t think about how his health and energy were deteriorating, he just thought it was age.

Then a friend introduced Phil to the Sunrider products and changed his life and health. Within months Phil began to find regeneration in his body, even though he was retirement age. He began to look and feel younger, everybody noticed it. He lost about 80 pound without even trying. He cleaned up his diet by becoming a vegan and takes no medications or OTC remedies now. Phil has boundless energy. Because of this he has introduced the Sunrider foods to many people who are finding regeneration of body and mind and earning an income from sharing how much better they feel.

You Can Find Regeneration

If you would like to have more energy, feel younger, and look fabulous, please contact Phil Bartel and let him show you how he did it and help you regenerate yourself, too.