The Chen Family Featured in Pulse Magazine

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Chen Family in Pulse MagazineWhile Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen are still very hands-on running Sunrider International, their five children, Wendy, Reuben, Sunny, Eric, and Jonathan, are now using their diverse talents, fresh ideas, and symbiotic family dynamic to introduce Sunrider to a new generation of health-conscious consumers. This evolvement and other aspects of the “nex-gen Chens” were detailed in a special feature in Pulse magazine (winter 2014 issue) entitled, “The Next Generation Chen Family.”

The article also sheds light on original core ideas that still guide the company today: “Rooted in the belief that disease is the result of poor nutrition, the company set out to meld traditional Chinese herbalism with Western science and make products to improve lifestyle and well-being.” Also revealed are the close ties the Chen family has to the Torrance Memorial Medical Center and their aspiration behind their recent $2.5 million philanthropic donation to the hospital, “We hope that with the donation, many more people will be able to experience the kind of wonderful care and treatment we received as a family at Torrance Memorial.”

A passage from Jonathan Chen closes the article and touches upon the legacy he and his siblings hope to pass on to their children: “We come into this world to make a difference. Life is hard and that we’ve had some extra help from our parents is not a bad thing. We always recognize how fortunate we are and how important it is to give back. Our hope is that we can pass along this same passion and work ethic to our children.”

Pulse magazine is a publication of Torrance Memorial Health System.
For a PDF version of the scanned magazine article, click here.
To read the article on the Torrance Memorial website, click here.

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