Robin FrameFor thirty years I was an exhausted raving maniac ten days out of every month. Life was very difficult.

I heard about Sunrider® Foods and opted for them instead of drugs. After a week on the Sunrider® foods my energy returned. In six months my moods were consistently normal. In one year I dropped forty pounds without trying. Now (2012) at fifty-nine I am rewarded with a body that is athletic and fun, I feel good consistently, and live the good life of vibrant health.
I did this without drugs.

My husband Myron began this journey with me twenty years ago. The first time he ate the foods he LOVED the new energy! Over the years he has continued to shed pounds. He looks and feels great! Sunrider® certainly has helped him maintain the physical and mental condition needed in his role as a high-energy vocalist and leader of Myron and the Kaniptionz.

We get to enjoy our golden years together! Robin surfs in the ocean several days each week, Myron has high-energy band gigs every week. Together we enjoy gardening, camping and educating others on how they can adopt their own healthy lifestyle.

We are confident that our golden years will continue to be good ones. Live long, live well, die healthy has become our outlook.


Robin Frame
San Diego, CA

Bonnie ThompsonEating the Sunrider® Foods for the past eight years is the difference between living life to the fullest or struggling to just barely get through each day of suffering from chronic pain and illness. At sixty-five years old, I feel and look better than when I was forty!

Bonnie Thompson
San Diego, CA

I'm not going to say it was easy to quit [smoking], but I really felt having the good nutrition from Sunrider really helped me get through the cravings.

Wes Reber

I work along side Dr. and Nurses in the local hospital. Every year we would keep getting sick because of the exposure to illnesses going around. I began drinking Calli and did not get sick for the entire year. Calli beverage changed my life.


I feel so much more balanced and together than most of the teens I know. Now, I have more energy and a drive for success.

Alex Eastburn