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He may not admit it, but the truth is, Dad needs pampering too! Skip the necktie this year and treat him in royal fashion with something special to rejuvenate his mind and body. And your hard-working graduate will undoubtedly appreciate a congratulatory gift that helps to melt off the stress from years of schooling.




Show You Care PackageShow You Care Package

Endless exams, all-night study sessions, irregular meals…life at school can be tough! Send your student some super support with this school-friendly care package. It’s also a great gift for busy dads who sometimes find it hard to eat right. Tasty, nutritious, and convenient, this trio provides key nutrients for the sustained energy needed for peak performance.

 SunBar® Fruit Flavor, 10 pack; VitaShake® Strawberry, 10/25g pack; Fortune Delight® Peach, 10/3g packs


Men's Skin Care SetMen’s Skin Care Set

This skin care set will let Dad put his best face forward. Our Youth Masque leaves skin looking hydrated, firm, and lifted with an exclusive formula of concentrated antioxidants and botanical extracts. And our luxuriously rich shave cream provides a soothing protective barrier for a shave that’s supremely close and comfortable.

Dr. Chen® Youth Masque 2 fl oz. , Kandesn® Smooth Shave 2 oz.


Mind & Body BoostMind & Body Boost

This set provides on-the-go fuel for the mind and body, making it ideal for a student or dad with a demanding schedule. A liquid herbal concentrate, Sunrise® delivers an all-natural nutritional boost that helps enhance energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day.* MetaBooster® supplies powerful, easily absorbable antioxidants to support energy, combat stress, and recover from a rigorous day or workout.

Sunrise® 10/.5 fl. oz. Mini Pack Bottles, Dr. Chen® MetaBooster® 100 Capsules/Bottle


Men's Vitality Gift SetMen’s Vitality Gift Set

Father’s Day only comes once a year, so make it a great one with this powerful pair. Dr. Chen® Men’s Formula® is an all-natural way to support a healthy prostrate, an essential part of every man’s well-being.* Veros® is a super-concentrated herbal formula designed to turbocharge vitality. This gift set will help Dad feel confident and ready to take on the day!

Dr. Chen® Men’s Formula® 60 Soft Gel Caps/Bottle, Veros® 50 Capsules/Bottle


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