Soft Skin and Immune Protection All in One Product

Hair FolicalDid you know that your skin has a thin layer called “the natural acid mantle”? This is protection for your immune system and is a defense against bacteria and environmental pollutants. It’s a very thin layer of oil naturally secreted by your body to keep your skin slightly acidic at pH 5.5 to 6.5. This is also the way your body lubricates your skin to prevent wrinkles, dry skin, infections, and blemishes.

Soap and water are both alkaline, the opposite of acidic. Every time you use soap and water you are stripping off your natural protection and creating skin problems. Lotions and creams containing mineral oils and/or petroleum products also strip the skin of the acid mantle and can leave your skin dry and rough.

Do you find that when  you use a commercial hand lotion and then do the dishes or other cleaning that your hands get chapped and rough just begging you to use more? Then you know what stripping the natural acid mantle means. You just did it!

In many primitive cultures mothers wash their babies until they are about 6 years old in a natural acidic wash and keep them from getting colds, flu, and many infectious diseases. We don’t have that tradition here; we have to depend on good quality skin care products.

Three such pH balanced products are the Oi-lin® and Kandesn® Skin Care Sets and the Kandesn®Spa Gift Set. All have the highest quality ingredients.