Reduce the Effects of Holiday Over-eating

dessertThere are some simple things you can do to reduce the effects of holiday over-eating like bloating, gas, and eating too much. We’ve all heard the tips that say: use a small plate, or eat before you go to a party, and more. But what can you actually do to keep your body from asking for more food than you need or want? How do you develop the discipline to not over-eat? Train your body to want just a little and to obey your mind. Mindless eating can lead to over-eating. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is the key to self-control.

  • Keep your blood sugar stable for several days (including the day of the party)
  • Tell yourself that all you need is a small amount of the foods being offered. You don’t have to eat an entire plate of food at every party, just a little

How do you keep your blood sugar levels stable?

  • Reduce sugar, caffeine, fruit and fruit juices, and refined grains
  • Eat within the first half hour of getting up, should contain protein
  • Eat little bits of vegetables, cheese, or nuts every 2-3 hours

What if you eat too much at dinner or a party?

Follow these suggestions to help you digest better.


It’s very important to eat within the first half hour of getting up to fuel your body with positive energy. It doesn’t take a lot, a green drink, even one from powdered green foods and there are a lot of them. You could have a boiled egg, small piece of cheese, a few nuts, even a quarter of an apple is fine if it is accompanied by a few nuts or a small piece of cheese, celery stick with nut butter, a little bit of left over protein, a few slices of zucchini.

Of course you could just eat breakfast in the first half hour of getting up, but many people want to do exercise, yoga, or meditation when they get up and it is essential to bring up the blood sugar levels to prevent them from going up and down all day and night.

When your blood sugar levels are up and down you will have no self-control, you might also suffer from confusion, anxiety, allergies, pain, fatigue, fears, irritability, excessive hunger, leg cramps, and more. But it’s the lack of self-control and excessive hunger that are the most influential during holiday parties. When your blood sugar is low you may not be able to tell right from wrong either, so you might drink too much and then do something stupid like trying to drive your car or starting a fight.

A young woman from the UK, who was a client in the Nutritional and Preventative Medical Clinic in Toronto, brought me a newspaper clipping her mother had sent her from England. The title was: Oranges Stop Thievery. The article went on to report that if large department stores gave people an orange to eat before they entered the store it would reduce stealing.

They had it correct. When a person’s blood sugar is low, they might be tempted to do a lot of things they normally wouldn’t do, like steal things. Eating the orange would bring up their blood sugar so they could remember the difference between right and wrong. And choose to not be tempted.

Every part of your body needs blood sugar as the fuel to give you energy and work all parts of your body, including your brain. If you don’t think you have time for breakfast then your blood sugar is low and you can’t think.

If you tell me that you can’t face eating first thing in the morning, you are telling me your blood sugar is low.  It could be because you ate a huge big meal late at night and then your blood sugar dropped so low during the night you can’t face food in the morning. Or you might have eaten something sweet like a bowl of ice cream or chocolate or soft drinks and in the morning your blood sugar was low. So low that you can’t get organized or feel like eating. Some people who have lowered their blood sugar this way might even throw up if they eat the wrong thing in the morning. The wrong things would be something sweet, high fat, or hard to digest. The best way to avoid this is to never eat after about 8:00 PM.

If you are eating late at night you might have restless sleep or insomnia. Then in the morning you feel like you have been drugged or run over by a truck. That’s because your blood sugar dropped lower during the night because you ate either too much or too sweet late in the evening. Too sweet includes beer, soft drinks, ice cream, and anything with sugar or white flour like bread and cookies. This can set you up for a day of your blood sugar going up and down making you want all the wrong foods like caffeine, sugar, or alcohol.

To regain self-control during the holidays EAT BREAKFAST! Sunrider Sunbar®

I always suggest you eat within the first half hour of getting up in the morning. It’s best if it has protein in it. According to Dr. Joel Furman greens have protein. So eating something with greens in it like a powdered green drink or fresh green smoothie is a great way to start the day. Or you could have a low sugar or no sugar breakfast bar like SunBar®. Read the label to make sure that there is no sugar or high fructose corn sugar in it. A protein shake is also a great way to start the day as long as it has no sugar or high fructose corn syrup or sugars in it. Do not confuse fructooligosaccharide with high fructose corn sugar. Fructooligosaccharide is a prebiotic that helps your body absorb nutrients better.

If you are not going to exercise or meditate you might want to have a protein shake breakfast within the first half hour of getting up. I like to have a shake with a lot of green veggies like kale, parsley, celery, and baby greens and hemp protein. A great commercial shake is VitaShake® from Sunrider® Yum!

This high fiber and moderate vegetable protein shake with soy protein can keep your blood sugar stabilized for several hours. After a few hours it is important to have a snack like veggie sticks, a spoon of nut butter, or a no sugar protein snack bar like NuPlus®. If you eat dairy you can also have a piece of cheese. If you eat meat a small amount of meat like sardines or tuna would be good. Do not eat processed meats like salami, ham, or other processed meats as they contain chemicals, sugar, and salt; all things that can throw your blood sugar and metabolism out of whack and make you lose self-control when faced with holiday goodies.

You might even want to take a nutritional supplement with every meal for stabilizing your blood sugar to give you the self-control you want for avoiding overeating. Eating smart can help you avoid overeating during the holidays. For more information on how to keep your blood sugar stabilized you can read all about it in the Anger Cure.

Photo credit: © Ragne Kabanova | Dreamstime Stock Photos