sun protection tips

Mosquito and Sun Protection Tips

sun protection tips

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What two things do you think of when thinking of summer fun? Mosquito and sun protection.

Mosquito Protection Tips:

Years ago I discovered a secret to keeping the mosquitoes away. I more or less, vaccinated myself against mosquitoes. How did I do that? It was simple. I didn’t scratch the first mosquito bite I got at the beginning of summer. That sounds silly, but it worked. I imagined that by not letting the venom out by scratching the bite it worked like a vaccine to protect me. Then I heard a scientist say that it made mosquitoes not want to bite you once you did that. So when you get bit the first time, don’t scratch the bite. How do you do that? Put something on the bite that prevents the air from getting to it so it isn’t irritating and tempting you to scratch it. I used spittle, but you could use a small amount of cream, lotion, or ointment. Try it and see how it can work for you. I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito for 25+ years because of this. Yep, mosquito-bite free just because one year I tried this approach. Of course the old remedies still hold such as don’t eat bananas or sweet things that can attract mosquitoes and wear light clothing like white and yellow to repel them. Wear loose clothing so that mosquitoes will find it harder to bite you. Keep your arms and legs covered to prevent the mosquitoes from finding your skin.

Oi-Lin® Sunmilk Sunscreen SPF 25Sun Protection Tips:

Sun protection is another matter altogether. For most people it is necessary to protect the skin from the burning rays of the sun with some kind of commercial sun protection. We used to make our own out of black tea, sesame oil and a small amount of lanolin, but it is very difficult to get the lanolin. Sesame seed oil is a natural sun screen and black tea provides a barrier against the burning rays of the sun. Of course we did this before there were huge holes in the ozone layer and massive pollution. This simple homemade lotion will not be protective anymore. For sunscreen to be protective it has to be at least 25 SPF. Because of this it is best to use a chemical free commercially prepared sun screen. One that is especially light and very protective is Oi-Lin® Sunmilk Sunscreen with SPF 25. It is light and easy to use and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin or clothes. Because it is made in the trusted Sunrider  private laboratories, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is also moisturizing as well as sun protective. This concentrated sunscreen retains its protection even after 40 minutes of water activity.

Have a mosquito- and burn-free summer.


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