Wash your Fruit and Veggies!

Natural fruit and vegetable rinseSummer is here and we are all eating more fresh fruits and vegetables! Are you washing them off with a natural fruit and vegetable rinse?

Here is a revealing quote from the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit organization that helps protect us from toxins in the environment):

Toxic chemicals in our environment, such as mercury, lead, and certain manmade chemicals, have been linked to cancer, birth defects and brain impairments. Reducing or eliminating the load of these dangerous chemicals in the products we buy, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink can help reduce the toll of human disease and suffering. 

If you are using commercially grown produce, please make sure you use a fruit and veggie rinse to remove all sprays, pollution, dirt, etc. This is especially necessary if you are going to have children eating the produce; their smaller bodies cannot take any amount of harmful chemicals. It is also essential to get all the dirt out of the cracks and folds of organic produce as well. Just because it is organic doesn’t mean it hasn’t been in contact with any pollutants. Many of the foods we have read about lately that have been contaminated and have caused health problems, might have prevented the problems and deaths if they had been cleaned with a sanitizing rinse.

There are certain fruits and veggies that are prone to fungus, yeast, or candida problems because they are grown on or in the earth like cantaloupes, watermelons, strawberries, onions, carrots, etc. they need to be washed before eating.

SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse

Foods that are displayed in a grocery store produce department have been touched by human hands many times from the garden to the store to your table. It’s not possible to know if they all washed their hands or kept the containers clean, so cleaning the produce is especially important. It’s a way to empower your health and that of your family by doing what you can to avoid contamination in your food.

Have a healthy and safe summer.



Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield / FreeDigitalPhotos.net