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Finding Balance in Your Life

Are you feeling out of sorts? Is your mind going in several directions at once? Are you having trouble getting everything done on your ‘to do’ list every day? Are you often confused? Is your sleep interrupted? Are you out of balance in any of these areas? You can overcome it.

When you feel your car riding rough you might take it to the repair shop and have the tires rotated and balanced. Then it rides better.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same thing with your body and mind? You can very easily by following a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables; eating a clean diet, hopefully with organic foods; and practicing getting balanced.

Just like you can rebalance your car by balancing the tires, you can balance your life by rebalancing your body. It’s simple and easy to do. Several times a day practice becoming balanced.

Once when I had been in a car accident many years ago and wasn’t quite right I practiced balancing and within a few days I was feeling better and in a month I was rebalanced and feeling great. It’s an ancient technique used by many people around the world. Often they do it naturally; it’s part of their culture.

Here’s how the ancients did it and you can too.

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This is the simplest way to start. Stand in a dimly lit quiet room. Place your feet together with about 4-5 inches between them, they should be parallel. Become aware of where the pressure is in your feet. To become balanced you will want to put equal pressure on the balls of your feet and your heels. Toes should be relaxed. You might need to lean forward a little, or at least it feels like you need to learn forward, to exert equal pressure on the entire foot.

Become aware of how you are standing and adjust your stance so that you align your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line. Keep your feet flat with equal pressure on the entire food. Let the weight of your hands help relax your shoulders and arms.

Imagine that you have a golden braided cord coming out of the center of the crown of your head that is gently pulling you higher and higher as you relax every part of your body and spinal column. Keep balanced as you feel yourself becoming lighter and taller. Do slow deep breathing to relax and maintain the position for a few minutes. Once you feel secure in this position and are relaxed, close your eyes. (For instructions on doing slow deep breathing see The Anger Cure.)

Feel like a mountain on the top of the horizon reaching to the sky, strong, collected, and confident while at the same time grounded to the earth. Do this for as long as you can keep relaxed and breathe slowly and deeply.

Once that becomes natural you can do some variations. Lift one foot off the ground and hold that pose for a few minutes, replace it and change to the other side and lift that foot. Put your hands together in the prayer position and close your eyes. Keep doing the slow deep breathing to help keep balanced.

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Start in the mountain position and balance. Lift your right leg up and place your foot flat against your thigh. To keep your balance in this position it is good to look at a spot in front of you that isn’t going to move. Once you are able to hold the position with your foot on the thigh, place your hands at your chest in a ‘prayer’ position to become balanced. Once you are stable in that position, gently raise your hands overhead to the sky, still in the prayer position. Once you are stable in that position separate your hands and reach for the sky, palms facing up, fingers spread apart. You might need to keep looking at the spot to keep balanced. Keep doing the slow deep breathing.

Daily Routine

A really great way is to add balancing to your daily routine. For example, try putting on your shoes and socks by balancing on one foot while you put on each sock and shoe. When you are waiting in line at the grocery or bank, practice standing very still and doing the basic mountain position. Each little bit helps and will bring you closer to being balanced, relaxed, and more alert. Many people do the balancing positions while they are dressing every day.

Caution: You will want to make sure that the area where you are standing when you first practice balancing is clear of sharp or large objects that you can get hurt on if you let yourself fall. Keep a solid chair or desk next to you to steady yourself at first if you need to so you don’t fall over.

You will be surprised at how many things that seemed overwhelming become manageable once you start doing balance practice. You might sleep better and longer. You should feel more confident. Your thinking could become clearer. You might even find that your attitude and moods change for the better. That’s what being balanced is all about.


This blog is for educational purposes and should not be construed as diagnosing or prescribing anything that can cure a disease. Nor should it be a substitute for seeing your doctor. If you have a health condition, check with your practitioner before doing these or any exercises.

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