Eating Breakfast for Improved Digestion

Eating Breakfast for Improved Digestion

Easting Breakfast for Improved Digestion

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There are a lot of hints that can help improve digestion. We know most of them:  Don’t bolt your food. Chew with your mouth closed. Don’t eat standing up.  I’m sure you know more, or at least your mother did. The really important suggestions to improving digestion are all simple and easily practiced.

  1. Chew each mouthful until it is liquid before you swallow it. It might take 20-30 chews for each mouthful. You might want to start by counting. But all you have to do is have the self-control to keep chewing until it is liquid. An allergist I trained to use nutrition with his patients used to say that partially chewed grains and carbohydrates were often the cause of allergies.
  2. Never wash down a mouthful of food. If you catch yourself doing that you haven’t chewed it enough. If you have chewed it to liquid, you won’t need to wash it down. And especially don’t wash it down with coffee or soft drinks.
  3. Start the day by eating breakfast. This sets up a routine in your body for your digestion to work efficiently. If you don’t eat breakfast you can cause all kinds of digestive problems all throughout the day.
  4. Stress stops digestion. Eliminate stress in your life. One of the stresses to your digestion is going without eating breakfast. Your body needs fuel to work properly and food is that fuel. If you try to get your body to work without giving it fuel it will create a huge stress. This can make you cranky, short tempered, angry, depressed, and desperate for a way to increase your energy. If you aren’t digesting then the food is staying in your stomach for way too long and could be fermenting while it is trying to digest causing gas. This can make you have acid reflux, burping, and even increase your cholesterol.
  5. The nutrients in food are broken down by digestive enzymes. If you have stopped your digestion, then you aren’t getting nutrition from your food or your nutritional supplements.
  6. The action of digestion relies on contraction and expansion. This requires calcium and magnesium. Both readily available in food. But if you have stopped your digestion by going without eating, you won’t have these minerals available from your food because they can’t be broken down and absorbed without digestion. You might even have chronic constipation and/or diarrhea.
  7. Eating breakfast first thing in the morning can reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Assimilaid®Of course if you have any of the above referenced digestion problems you might also want to take a digestive aid to encourage your body to improve digestion. Assimilaid® from Sunrider® might be the help you are looking for to improve your digestion. Improved digestion can help to reduce stress. Eating breakfast and taking Assimilaid could improve your life and energy level.



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