Cold And Flu Protection Through pH Balanced Skin

Soap and wanterYour skin, the largest immune system organ in your body, has a natural protection against germs and bacteria. It’s called the natural acid mantel and is produced by the oil that is naturally secreted by your skin as a protection. As long as your skin is slightly acidic you will have some protection from hostile bacteria. If your skin becomes alkaline (the opposite of acidic) you will not have the natural protection you need to keep colds and flu away this winter, bacteria will only grow in an alkaline environment.

In ancient times and in so-called primitive cultures mothers washed their babies in an acidic fluid to protect them until they were at least 6 years old. They didn’t strip the acid mantel off their skin the way most people in North America do today.

How do people strip their immune protection off their skin? With alkaline substances! The two most common are soap and water.

Chemists use the term pH to measure the degree of acidity or alkalinity using a scale of 0 to 14, 7 being neutral, neither acid or alkaline. A reading below 7 indicates acidic and above 7 is alkaline. Special pH paper is used that can measure pH. Many shampoos, cleansers, and face and body lotions are formulated to be pH balanced, but if you use soap and water, especially if you shower, you are adding alkalinity to your skin and hair.

A mild soap sold commercially often has an alkaline pH (9.5-11.0), and raises the pH of the skin, thus undermining your skin’s natural defenses. These soaps also extract protective lipids (fats) from the skin that are part of the natural acid mantle.  The high level of synthetic detergents found in these commercially available soaps strips away the mantle and loosens the protective keratin proteins so essential for your skin to be healthy. This can leave your skin feeling dry, tired, or having a pulling feeling and your hair would seem unmanageable and flyaway. Using pH balanced skin and hair care products can help, but if you shower or bathe in most tap water you will be alkaline and therefore not able to resist bacteria and other influences that can cause you to become susceptible to colds and flu.

Prod-SkincareReplacing the natural skin oils with a natural pH balanced lotion after showering or bathing is a great way to restore the natural acid mantle to your skin and give you more protection against colds and flu. Using the Sunrider®  Oi-Lin® or Kandesn® shampoos, cleansers, liquid soap, and beauty bar is the first step in protecting your skin. Adding in a thin layer of Oi-Lin® Hand and Body Lotion, Kandesn® Hand and Body Lotion, Dr. Chen® Deep Moisture Lotion, or Dr. Chen® Hand & Body Lotion after every shower or bath can increase your protection against colds and flus and you will look and feel great as well. The unscented products are best for children after every shower or bath.

This addition of a slightly acidic or oily lotion after every shower and bath is especially important for children or anyone who works with children or the public as an additional protection against colds and flu. This ancient health secret can improve your skin as well as add in another important natural protection from colds and flu.



© Johanna Goodyear | Dreamstime Stock Photos